It was a warm night in the early summer when a group of young, enthusiastic geoscience professionals met in a Yaletown bar to breath life into an exciting concept.

Driving this project was Andy Randell, a Vancouver-based professional geological consultant with Strata GeoData Services (SGDS). Through his consultancy, he had answered the call to undertake a variety of education and outreach projects for the public and schools, and so seeing that there was an obvious need, he investigated the non-profit route. 

An initial grant was offered through the Regional Education Fund that the Association for Mineral Exploration (AME BC) administers. The grant was supported by the Vancouver Mineral Exploration Group (MEG) and helped establish us for our first year.

Along with Andy, several other professionals were keen to get this project off the ground, including Vanessa Pickering (ATAC), Veronique Jones (AME BC), Kendra Johnston (AME BC) and Libby Chapman (PR Associates). We were also joined by Andrea Clifford (GeoscienceBC) who acted as a witness.

So with a cool beer on hand to celebrate, we signed the Society Act documents and submitted them to the government. 

And with that, Below BC was born!