The first day of our road trip to Smithers, British Columbia continued as we got to visit more incredible geological stops along the way!

One of our favourite stops on the way to Smithers happened because we always have our scientific googles on. We spotted Chimney Rock! This is an amazing geological landmark in the area, a large tower of marble standing along the ridge of Calcite Peak near Pavilion Lake, British Columbia.


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This feature formed due to weathering and erosion causing of rock break away along the deep cracks that had formed in the limestone beds. As the mountain continued to erode and break, eventually only the ‘chimney’ was leftover! Chimney rock has been strengthened over the years from the natural processes where heat and pressure were applied to the limestone as the mountain ranges were formed and metamorphosed the limestone into marble, which is more resistant to weathering and erosion.


Make sure to always keep your scientific googles on during your next road trip so you can spot amazing geological features along the way!