Hyalite Opal

Form of opal that forms from out-gassing volcanic vent

Massive hyalite (a colourless form of opal) occurs as globular masses. Hyalite forms in volcanic environments as silica deposits from the gas phase. In this sample, clear globular hyalite is present both on the surface, and in filling vesicles (air pockets) in the volcanic host rock. 

This sample of hyalite comes from the Arrowstone Hills, about 10 km northeast of Cache Creek in the Southern Interior region of BC.


Specimen Information

Store: Pacific Museum of the Earth, University of British Columbia

Collection: Sutton-Thompson Collection

Accession #: S75-20649

Primary Mineral: Hyalite

Secondary Mineral: –

Site Locality: Scottie Creek

Location: Cache Creek, British Columbia

Special Features: n/a

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