Epidote, Pyrite, Quartz and Scheelite

Glo and Troy (Glow Group)

Manson Creek, British Columbia

Orange-coloured scheelite, or calcium tungstate, is an important source of tungsten. Some scheelite also contains molybdenum, although it is not a main ore mineral for that metal. Well-formed dipyramidal crystals are prized by collectors and are sometimes used to make jewellery. Scheelite can be identified by its heaviness and greasy lustre, as well as its fluorescent properties. Under UV light it glows a bright blue! It forms in high temperature igneous and metamorphic environments and is often found in veins with tin.

Epidote is a fairly common mineral that is usually pistachio green in colour. It occurs in metamorphic and igneous rocks and forms in many different geological environments. Although epidote can form long, slender, glassy prismatic crystals, it usually has a dull appearance where many very fine crystals grow together in a massive form, for example in veins or replacing other minerals. Epidote does not have any specific industrial uses and is not a source of particular elements or metals.

This sample comes from the Glo and Troy claims just north of the small settlement of Manson Creek, about 60 km northwest of Mackenzie in central BC. The area has been explored mainly for gold, and a few quartz-gold veins have been found and sampled since prospectors first came to the area in the 1870s. Scheelite is found in lenticular (discontinuous) quartz veins around 15 cm wide that also contain galena and pyrite, as well as quartz. Dull green epidote is also commonly found in veins.

Specimen Information

Store: Association for Mineral Exploration (AME)

Collection: –

Accession #: AME 421

Primary Mineral: Epidote

Secondary Mineral: Pyrite, Quartz and Scheelite

Site Locality: Glo and Troy (Glow Group)

Location: Manson Creek, British Columbia

Special Features: n/a

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