Marble is a type of rock that forms when carbonate rocks like limestone or dolostone are metamorphosed, or transformed by high temperatures and pressures. Marble is made mainly of the minerals calcite and dolomite. It is usually white, sometimes with thin bands or swirls of colour if the original rock contained layers of mud, clay, sand or silt. It can occur in different colours if different impurities like iron are present. Marble has been used mainly in construction and stone masonry throughout human history

This sample is from the Kootenay region of southeastern BC.

As seen in this sample, marble sometimes has small void spaces or cavities. These can form when slightly acidic fluids percolate through the rock, dissolving some of the rock as they flow through it. Later, other fluids can flow through these spaces, precipitating minerals like calcite, the white mineral seen in the hotspot images in this sample.

Specimen Information

Store:  Association for Mineral Exploration (AME)

Collection: –

Accession #: AME 930

Primary Mineral: Marble

Secondary Mineral: Calcite

Site Locality: –

Location: Kootenay Region, British Columbia

Special Features: n/a

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