Chalcopyrite is an important copper ore mineral found in many different types of copper deposit. It is sometimes mistaken for Gold because of its bright yellow colour; however, it is harder, more common, and chalcopyrite commonly occurs with other copper sulphide minerals such as bornite and weathers to malachite and azurite.

This sample comes from Quatsino, Vancouver Island and although its exact origin is unknown it possibly came from the Island Copper Mine. The mine was a major copper and minor Molybdenum and Gold producer. This sample also contains euhedral feldspar crystals.

The Island Copper Mine was located near to Quatsino at the Northern end of Vancouver Island. It was an open pit dug 1320 ft below sea level which, at the time, was the lowest place on earth. Due to its proximity to the ocean a large wall was constructed in order to keep the pit stable.

Specimen Information

Store: Association for Mineral Exploration (AME)


Accession #: AME-66

Primary Mineral: Chalcopyrite

Secondary Mineral: Feldspar

Site Locality:

Location: Quatsino, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Special Features: n/a

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