Fossil Fern

This sample contains fossilized ferns. Fragments of the plants fell onto mud or fine silt and were covered by younger layers of mud and silt that also shut out oxygen and helped preserve the ferns. Over time, the sediments and plant matter were lithified, or turned to rock, preserving the leaves we see as fossils today.

The exact source of this sample is unknown, but it probably formed in a ‘fluvial’, or river, environment, perhaps in a small lake or pond on a flood plain. In a sheltered environment, leaves and other plant fragments could settle to the bottom and be preserved by the gradual build up of sediment.


Specimen Information

Store: Association for Mineral Exploration (AME)

Collection: –

Accession #: AME 417

Primary Mineral: Fossil Fern

Secondary Mineral: 

Site Locality: –

Location: Okanagen, British Columbia

Special Features: n/a


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