This specimen comes from McDame Creek, which in the Cassiar District of British Columbia. It contains the mineral “Helvite” which is another name for the mineral Helvine. This mineral is rare and can sometimes occur as inclusions inside another mineral called quartz. It contains an uncommon element called beryllium which can also be found in the mineral beryl. Beryllium is used as an additive to better the physical characteristics of several commonly used metals such as copper, aluminium, iron and nickel. It improves the thermal stability, thermal conductivity and lowers density when alloyed with other metals.

This specimen is from McDame creek in Northern British Columbia. A historic gold rush in McDame Creek took place before the Klondike rush in Dawson City, and the area saw an abrupt halt in gold prospecting once the rush to the Yukon started. This area of B.C. is known as the golden triangle and hosts an array of gold mines, deposits, and prospects.


Specimen Information

Store: Association for Mineral Exploration (AME)


Accession #: AME-194

Primary Mineral: Helvite

Secondary Mineral:

Site Locality:

Location: McDame Creek, B.C.

Special Features: n/a

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