Kimberlite and Cr-diopside hornblende pyrope garnet

Virtual Museum ID: 19-NCM18

Specimen Summary

Kimberlite is a dark coloured intrusive igneous rock that contains diamonds in its rock matrix. It has a porphyritic texture with large crystals in a fine-grained matrix. The most common mineral is olivine. Other minerals are phlogopite mica, ilmenite, serpentine, calcite, and magnetite. It does not contain any quartz or feldspar. Kimberlite sometimes contains diamonds.

Diopside is a rock forming pyroxene mineral. It is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. It has two directions of cleavage at a near 90-degree angle. It has a monoclinic crystal system. Diopside is a good diamond indicator mineral. Because it can be easily cut and polished, it is used for commercial jewelry.

Specimen Data


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Original Collection:

Chamber of Mines of Eastern BC (NCM)

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Location Information

Sample Origin:

Castlegar, B.C.

Specific Site:

Rockstarrs Claim

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11 (NAD 83)

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Specimen Details

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Primary Features:

Kimberlite and Cr-diopside hornblende pyrope garnet

Primary Mineral Formula:

Mg2SiO4 · CaMgSi₂O₆ · (Ca,Na)2(Mg,Fe,Al)5(Al,Si)8O22 (OH)2

Primary Category:

carbonate silicate

Secondary Features:

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