Galena Sphalerite

Virtual Museum ID: 19-KUR18

Specimen Summary

The Kootenay King mine is 30 kilometres east of Sullivan, in the Hughes Range of the Rocky Mountains. The Kootenay King mine produced about 13,000 tons of ore (5.4% Pb, 6.6% Zn, 1.9 oz/ton Ag), equivalent to about a couple days of production from Sullivan, so it was pretty small. It is the only other stratiform deposit in the region outside the immediate Kimberley area. The Kootenay King, like Sullivan, is hosted by the Aldridge formation, however stratigraphically about 1 kilometre higher in the section. Good sedimentary layering overprinted by good cleavage indicated by remobilized galena is evident in this specimen. In this specimen, galena is grey and sphalerite is yellowish, non-sulphide sediment is black. Assay on this specimen is: 19.2% Zn 15.9% Pb, 5.1 oz/ton Ag,

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Kimberley Underground Mining Railway (KUR)

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Nelson, BC

Specific Site:

Kootenay King

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11 (NAD 83)

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Primary Features:

Galena Sphalerite

Primary Mineral Formula:

PbS · (Zn,Fe)S

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Secondary Features:

Zn, Pb, Ag

Advanced Geological Information


The following section provides geological data relating to the specimen or the site it was collected from, when available. Information has been obtained from various sources including private and government datasets but may not be up to date. Any geological time periods or ages listed often relate to the primary geology of the area, and may not be the actual date of an event such as mineral formation.

Geological Formation:

Lower Aldridge Formation

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Stratigraphic Age:

1000 to 1600 Million Years Ago

Geological Belt:


Geological Terrane:

Ancestral North America

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Site Details:

The Kootenay King workings are located approximately 30 kilometres northeast of Kimberley on the east side of Lakit Mountain.

Regionally, the area is underlain by Proterozoic clastic Purcell metasediments intruded by syngenetic gabbro and diorite sills and dykes of the Moyie intrusions and later intrusions of felsic and lamprophyre suites.

The Kootenay King deposit is a stratiform lead-zinc deposit. Pyrite, galena and sphalerite occur as fine laminations at the top of a coarse sandstone unit (Kootenay King quartzite) within a buff weathering section of the Helikian Lower Aldridge Formation (Purcell Supergroup). The deposit lies within the eastern overturned flank of a major anticline. The Kootenay King quartzite has a hanging wall of black argillites and a footwall of brown siltstones. The anticlinal structure plunges gently to the north.

In 2012, Klondike Gold Corp. completed prospecting at the Kootenay King workings and the surrounding area. Highlights include rock sample SKKG-97, which assayed greater than 1 per cent lead and 66.8 grams per tonne silver, and rock sample MKKG-79, which assayed 0.57 per cent lead, 0.11 per cent zinc and 27.5 grams per tonne silver (Assessment Report 33471).

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