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Specimen Summary

Sodalite is a blue tectosilicate mineral. Sodalite is found in igneous rocks that have crystallized from sodium-rich magmas. Some sodalite bearing rocks are trachyte, phonolite, and nepheline syenite. Sodalite is part of a mineral group called Feldspathoids that contain calcium, potassium, and sodium. It is translucent and has a vitreous luster.

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East Kootenay Chamber of Mine (EKM)

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Golden, BC

Specific Site:

Ice River Claims

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11 (NAD 83)

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Advanced Geological Information


The following section provides geological data relating to the specimen or the site it was collected from, when available. Information has been obtained from various sources including private and government datasets but may not be up to date. Any geological time periods or ages listed often relate to the primary geology of the area, and may not be the actual date of an event such as mineral formation.

Geological Formation:

Ottertail and McKay Formations

Geological Period:


Stratigraphic Age:

541 Million years ago - 4.6 Billlion Years

Geological Belt:


Geological Terrane:

Ancestral North America

Minfile ID:

082N 097

Site Details:

The Yippie showing is located on the southeast flank of Buttress Peak on the Ice River property, approximately 25 kilometres east of Nicholson.

Regionally, the area is underlain by the Cambrian and Ordovician shales and carbonates of the Chancellor, Ottertail and McKay Formations, which have been intruded by the alkaline Ice River Complex.

Locally, the property is underlain by syenitic to monzonitic intrusive rocks of the Ice River Complex, sedimentary rocks of the McKay Group and dolomitic carbonate rocks of the Ottertail Formation. Mineralization is hosted within altered pegmatitic syenite and microsyenite as red minerals visually similar to the Zr-REE–bearing silicate eudialyte.

In 2009, Waterloo Resources Ltd. completed IP and magnetic geophysical surveys, soil and silt sampling, mapping and prospecting. The soil sampling led to the discovery of the Yippie showing.

In 2010, Waterloo Resources Ltd. completed geological mapping, prospecting and rock sampling. Highlights include sample MMIVR004, which assayed 2.2 per cent total rare earth oxides (TREO), and sample MMIV005, which assayed 0.02 per cent niobium, 71.2 grams per tonne yttrium and 1.0 per cent total rare earth oxides (TREO; Assessment Report 32421).

In 2012, Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. completed soil, silt and rock sampling on the Ice River property. Channel sampling at the Yippie showing assayed an overall weighted average of 0.259 per cent total rare earth oxides (TREO) over 61.4 metres, including a section of 0.489 per cent total rare earth oxides (TREO) over 24.41 metres. A grab sample assayed 4.01 per cent total rare earth oxides (TREO; Press Release, Waterloo Resources Ltd., February 19, 2013).

For complete property history, see Waterloo (MINFILE 082N 028).

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