Monticellite skarn

Virtual Museum ID: 19-BCGS-MOE1

Specimen Summary

Monticellite is a mineral of the olivine group. Due to the fact that Ca and Mg atoms are ordered in different positions in the molecule and there is very limited Ca replacement of calcium, Monticellite is considered a mineral. Monticellite has a orthorhombic crystal system. Monticellite forms a series with kirchsteinite (CaFe(SiO4)).

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British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS)

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Headwaters of Klehini River, B.C.

Specific Site:

Maid of Erin - past underground producer

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08 (NAD 83)

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Monticellite skarn

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Advanced Geological Information


The following section provides geological data relating to the specimen or the site it was collected from, when available. Information has been obtained from various sources including private and government datasets but may not be up to date. Any geological time periods or ages listed often relate to the primary geology of the area, and may not be the actual date of an event such as mineral formation.

Geological Formation:


Geological Period:

Devonian-Upper Triassic

Stratigraphic Age:

419.2 - 145.0 Ma

Geological Belt:


Geological Terrane:


Minfile ID:

114P 007

Site Details:

The Maid of Erin underground past producer is located at the headwaters of the Klehini River.

Skarn mineralization occurs in Devonian-Upper Triassic sediments which have been intruded by Oligocene quartz diorite stocks and gabbro and feldspar porphyry dykes and sills. The sediment package, which is locally hornfelsed, dips northeast at low to moderate angles, and contains quartzite, argillite, and carbonate units. Irregular skarn lenses with disseminated to massive sulphides and magnetite occur near the top of a marble unit. Mineralization is mainly associated with yellowish green andradite and monticellite skarn. Monticellite-carbonate, zoisite-andradite, diopside and wollastonite-calcite skarns are also mineralized. The principal sulphides are bornite, chalcocite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite and wittichenite.

Intermittent production from 1911 to 1956, totalled 3,285 tonnes mined, resulting in 1,486,599 grams per tonne silver, 342 grams per tonne gold and 243,631 kilograms copper.

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