Sequoia species (Taxodium)

Virtual Museum ID: 19-AME918s

Specimen Summary

This is a fossil specimen of a Sequoia leaf from the Allenby Formation, near Whipsaw Creek in southern British Columbia, about 20 km south of Pemberton.

The Allenby Formation contains shales that were deposited between 52.5 and 48 million years ago and allowed for preservation of delicate plants and animals such as this leaf.

These deposits are ‘fluvial’, meaning that they formed in river environments. These shales were likely deposited in small, overgrown lakes and ponds on a floodplain, and the lack of oxygen in the still waters prevented decomposition of the animals after they died and sank to the bottom of the lake. Species of the genus Sequoia (sometimes grouped with or synonymous with the genus Taxodium) were well suited to wet environments like the one prevalent when the tree that produced this fossil was growing.

Preservation of large amounts of plant material in this same environment also formed the coal seams associated with this area of British Columbia.

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Association for Mineral Exploration (AME)

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Whipsaw Creek, British Columbia

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10 (NAD 83)

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Sequoia species (Taxodium)

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