Andy @ BelowBC was invited to give a public lecture last night for the Vancouver Paleontological Society. The lecture was hosted in the main hall of the Pacific Museum of the Earth, with the ever-so-cool Lambeosaurus skeleton as a backdrop! The lecture was about the ancient climate and geography of the area Andy grew up in the UK, but relating it to the same time period and fossils we find right here in BC, in particular the Kitsilano Fossil Forest that BelowBC is studying. At the time, the Earth was a ‘global’ ecosystem, with no ice at the poles, high sea-levels, and a continuous rainforest wrapping around the globe. Despite the UK and BC being 7,500km apart, the fossil plants are remarkably similar. Watch out for more public lectures in the future! If you are interested in fossils or pre-history, then the VPS is open to new members of all ages. They run field trips and supervised children are welcome to attend. You can download the presentation PDF here. Visit for details!