GigaPan Images

GigaPan images are great ways to learn more about geology and landscapes. When we capture a Gigapan, we use a robotic motor that automates a camera, snapping sometimes hundreds of zoomed images over a scene, such as an outcrop. These images are then seamlessly stitched together using software to produce the final picture which the user can zoom into and see great detail, even from a distance.

Below BC is taking the GigaPan system on the road to capture images for the site and allow people everywhere to enjoy some of the spectacular geology in British Columbia!

Gallery of Images

Below are some of the Gigapan images we have collected! Click on any of the pictures to view the Gigapan for that location.

To view more gigapans visit the Interactive Map and click on the Icon that looks like a camera (deselect all but High Res in the legend to only see gigapans)

Mine Ore Cars, Kimberley Mine, nr. Cranbrook, BC

Details: Example of Mine Ore Cars from Kimberley’s Underground Mining Railway! Date: Taken 14th June 2019

Fossil Plants near Oliver, BC

Details: This is a one of a series of road sections on a back road near to Oliver in southern British Columbia. The plant fossils in these layers are clearly visible, and date from the Eocene, approximately 50 million years ago.

Date: Taken 9th June 2019

Hedley Gold Mine, BC

Details: This image shows the geology of the mountains behind Hedley, an area where gold was first discovered in 1897. More information is coming soon!

Date: Taken 13th June 2019

The Hope Slide, nr Hope, BC

Details: The Hope Slide was the largest recorded landslide in Canada except for the similarly sized 2010 Mount Meager landslide.[1] It occurred in the morning hours of January 9, 1965 in the Nicolum Valley in the Cascade Mountains near Hope, British Columbia, and killed four people. The volume of rock involved in the landslide has been estimated at 47 million cubic meters.

Date: Taken 13th June 2019

Glacial Outwash Deposits, nr Lytton, BC

Details: More details coming soon!

Date: Taken 9th June 2019