Stop 32 HAZ Geotour 2020

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Note: access to the fossil beds is restricted and it is not permitted to collect samples. These light grey to cream coloured, thin bedded shales, siltstones and mudstones were deposited in an anoxic lake which enhanced preservation of organic material. Moss et al. (2005) report an unpublished U-Pb radiometric age of 51.77+/-0.34 was obtained from a prominent ash layer indicating the sedimentary rocks are early Eocene in age and therefore the same age as the Newman formation volcanic rocks at Babine Lake. The beds have yielded a rich collection of fossil fish, insect and plant specimens. In 2014 it was reported that the fossil jaws of a tiny hedge hog and a tapir were found. These are the first mammals ever identified in Canada south of the Arctic from the early Eocene epoch.


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Longitude: -127.1632
Latitude: 54.7885