Stop 18 HAZ Geotour 2020

Location ID: Stop18_Haz_GeoTour2020

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Red weathering hematitic lapilli tuff with angular rhyolitic clasts. These air fall tuffs are interbedded with grey ash flows of the upper Telkwa Formation. The rocks at this locality formed as air fall ash deposits related to nearby volcanic eruptions. The red colour is due to oxidation that occurred after the ash was deposited. The ash deposits are interbedded with the gray ash flows that are also exposed along the ski hill road. Originally the GSC mapped these rocks as the uppermost part of the Telkwa Formation. This unit may be equivalent to the Eagle Peak Formation mapped further west by the BCGS in 1989. This formation is the same age and is comprised of interbedded red tuff and grey ash flows similar to those exposed here along the Ski Hill road. The Eagle Peak formation is equivalent to Tipper’s Red Tuff member of the Nilkitkwa Formation.


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Longitude: -127.2458
Latitude: 54.7608