Conglomerate beds

Location ID: 19_VIS_001

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This section was captured in a small bay east of Parksville on Vancouver Island (end of Wall Beach Road). The low rocky outcrops around the edge of the bay display Cretaceous sand deposits thought to have been laid down in deeper water, with occasional storms or turbidites that increased the energy in the system and allowed for the deposition of layers of pebble conglomerates. It is hypothesized that the energy levels were consistently high with deep water currents that sand and finer material was constantly moving on the sea floor, but the heavier pebbles were left in place, eventually forming these well sorted layers.

The bay is very shallow, so the best time to visit is during low tides. The water level rises very quickly in this bay, take care to not get cut off by rising waters!


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Longitude: -124.2238
Latitude: 49.3011