BC Minerals Collection

Below BC has over 800 images shot of nearly 100 mineral specimens provided by the Pacific Museum of the Earth and the Association for Mineral Exploration BC. By cataloguing these images, we hope to show the wonders and scientific value of minerals from beneath our feet!

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The Kits Beach Fossil Project

Kitsilano is an area to the south of downtown Vancouver that is well known for its spectacular sandy beaches and relaxed lifestyle. But what many people do not know is that this area has some interesting geology and exquisitely preserved plant fossils, all contained in the sediments along the shoreline. The SGDS Workshop project has been established to map sections of interest, from the cliffs right to the low water mark, to try and discern individual strata and its related fossil content.

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Shrunken Things!

With the help of the Canadian Coastguard, we sent through a bunch of coloured Styrofoam cups 4.5km down to the ocean floor. The pressure squeezes out the air in the foam and shrinks it down, creating really cool miniatures of the original items.

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