Chalcopyrite & Quartz

This specimen contains the minerals chalcopyrite and quartz. Since quartz is a common rock forming mineral without significant economic value, this description will focus on chalcopyrite. Chalcopyrite is a bright yellow copper sulphide mineral often mistaken for gold, and it is the most common ore mineral for copper. The mineral, while known for its copper is a blend of copper, iron, and sulphur. This rock has some oxidation of the iron that it contains, as you can see by the red staining.

The origin of this specimen lies within the Copper King Property near Finlay River, British Columbia. It is a copper project that was first starting to be explored in the 1930’s by prospectors. In the 1960’s a small drill program was performed on site with inconclusive results. Upon further investigation, the claim area drilled didn’t host the full structure It is only 45 km away from the well-known copper mine called Kemess. Since then, numerous rounds of exploration on the property have occurred.


Specimen Information

Store: Association for Mineral Exploration (AME)

Collection: Sutton-Thompson Collection

Accession #: AME-435

Primary Mineral: Chalcopyrite & Quartz

Secondary Mineral:

Site Locality: – Wedge Group (Copper King)

Location: Pesika Creek, Finlay River, B.C.

Special Features: n/a


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